Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Color Blocks

How would you make 100 squares that are the same size on a rectangular shaped paper evenly distributed and all filled in? Would you leave a few blank square margins in between? Would you fill in all the numbers and leave one corner with margins? One thing for sure, you will have to decide quickly because you have only 30 minutes to do the task...


...I made 99(9x11) squares and one final square with margin. The next step is, you get only 4 colors to mix 100 different colors in 60 minutes with a round tipped brush. (The brush type rule was applied to only Katherine and myself)


Katherine came up with a funky design! She finished the task in 65 minutes!! Not bad with the challenges that I put her through with. Good job, Katherine!


Sarah spent a little more time (app.90 minutes), and she was allowed to use a flat tipped brush. Nice coloring job, Sarah!


Emily made a nice color range board! It took Emily about two hours to finish the task.


Min had fun making all the colors, and she made sure all the colors were different. It took Min close to two hours.

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