Sunday, December 25, 2011

Grave Danger

Hello everyone!
Now the story is getting really exciting, and the kids are making amazing art works!
We discussed about the purpose of this study, revised the outline, finalized the scenes. Although we have a few more months left to complete this big project, we are so excited about making this happen!

Grave Danger
 This will be the front page.

Grave Danger (Leo & Justin)

War Dogs

Grave Danger
This is another version of the title illustration.

This is one of the scenes in the story.

Tada! This scene is completed...finally!

Space Battle#1

Space Battle#2

They are also creating Information Cards to help readers understand better. That's pretty good thinking!

Tri-Barrel Doom



Dog Beacon


  1. Cool! Nice depiction of the void when doing the space scene. The final product looks awesome! However, I wish to pose the quesion: What do you plan to do with "Grave Danger?" Apart from that uncertainty, looks great!

  2. Hello Kelly, thanks for your interest in "Grave Danger." This is a book making project that has been going on for a while. Two students are working together as a team to draw, color, paint, make, write, and even compose a theme music! I hope to see the finished product by the end of this summer. Thank you so much!