Art in the Kitchen

Hello! This is my kitchen. I bake breads, make my kids lunches, and try to eat healthy everyday. I would like to share how fun and healthy it can be to make food at home without breaking your back.
Happy Blogging!

Leo & Leah's lunch (last week, Sept. 2012)

Leo's lunch

Leah's lunch

Sweet potato bread

It's been a while since I posted the last time. Yes, we are all very busy, but we have to find the time to cook, bake, and have a good time with the family. And, that's what we did; the sweet potato bread with frosting was oh, so delicious! ^^

This is probably where I got my love for cooking. My mom not only makes food deliciously, she puts a lot of efforts to make the colors, the shapes, and the consistency in different types of food all beautifully!

Mom and Dad

Mom, thank you for sending me this nice picture of you and dad...makes me smile. ^^
My mom arranged the flower bouquet in front of them...they look so pretty, mom! And, nice shirt, dad!

The beauty of baking food for the kids is...of course, the aroma and the taste but the best part is when I see them enjoy the bread and become super happy! ^^

December 29th 2011

December 29th 2011

December 29th 2011

  • Wait, Leah, let me take a picture first! ^^

Leah's favorite Spicy Rice Cake dish

  • We are going to see kids' grandparents for Thanksgiving, so I'm busy making food... 

Seasoned Cucumber 

Yu-Choy Kimchi

Assorted Moon Cakes

Asparagus Garlic Stir Fry

Asparagus Garlic Stir Fry

Mushroom with Fishcake

Pan Fried Fish 
 ...Hopefully, they like the food I made for them. I'm still not done. ^^...


While I am making food, my husband had to taste...

 With some hot sauce, of course!...

And, I get my husband's approval! It's great, but the half of the food is already gone!?!



My father-in-law made all kinds of sushi rolls for us while we were in Chicago.
They were all so delicious, and I am so glad I got to watch my father-in-law make them. 
Thank you so much for your hard work, grandpa! ^^ Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Breads and Pies

Red Bean Bread

Pumpkin Cheese Pie Slice

Pumpkin Cheese Pie

Cinnamon Raisin Bread with Chai

Oatmeal Bread

Milk Bun with Flax seed

Pumpkin Bread with Topping

  • Crispy Garlic Chicken
Crispy Garlic Chicken

Leo eating Crispy Chicken

Leo smiling with chicken particles

Leo finished the whole darn thing!

  • Leo and Leah's Lunches

Chicken Slider with Bunny Apples

Leo & Leah's Lunch

Leo's Lunch

Halloween Special Lunch

  • Oatmeal Cookie

This is my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. I improvised a little to the seasonal liking of the cookie; instead of milk chocolate chips, I used butterscotch chocolate chips. It's yellow-orange-ish color so it's matching the Halloween theme too! Kids give me thumbs up. ^^

Oatmeal Cookie

  • Our Special Cookie making Class

  • When it's cold and rainy outside...

Ox tail soup with vegetables

Soup with Home-made Kimchi

Honey Glazed Chestnuts


  1. What camera did you use for the crispy garlic chicken? It looks so good.

  2. I recently purchased Canon EOS REBEL T3. It does make a difference. Thanks!

  3. The jack-o-lantern cheese in the Halloween Lunch special is soooooo cute. The kids must have loved it!

  4. Yes, they liked it a lot. It's surprising how a little thing can make kids so happy. :)

  5. fits for halloween!


  6. and the food looks great!

  7. Thanks, Justin! Next time, let's have art class in the kitchen! Perhaps, we can create Spot and Ripjaw cookies in the kitchen? ^^

  8. CHOMP, SLURP! GOBBLE! YUM! DROOL! BITE! FAINT! SMELL! SNIFF! COOL! AWESOME! BURP!! This stuff is SO good!!! Thanks mom!!!

  9. Glad you like my cooking that much, Leo! Eat good, be healthy, and happy!