Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fruit Loops

Take a stroll around the grocery store fruit section, and you'll see nature's seasonal candies. Yes, I'm talking about fruits!  

Fruits have been artistically expressed for millions of years.  From early caveman to the renaissance to modern and post modern studies, every generation of artists have depicted fruits in their art.  And for good reason: fruits are visually stunning and diverse.   There are round apples, oval watermelons, and pear-shaped ... well, pears! Colors are oftentimes named by their associated fruit (i.e. Orange).  There are bumpy and smooth textures, even hairy textures!  

This month, Hannah's Art School will study the many different varieties of fruits, and all their unique shapes, colors, textures, and sizes.  We will develop several projects--one may be a challenging still life; another project may be a marketing campaign encouraging the public to enjoy the health benefits of fruits--each artist would develop a campaign message and a public service logo; yet another project may involve creatively inventing your own fruit--think it's far-fetched?  Think again--ever heard of a graple?  Neither had I, until I saw one being sold in Wegmans!  Yes, fruit botanists know how to merge different types of fruits together to create incredibly delicious hybrid fruits! So many different varieties and creative mergers to explore (imagine peeling a banana and seeing long orange wedges oozing with kiwi juices!).  

Excellent job, everyone!!! We wrapped up nicely with hard work and extra effort to put our hybrid fruit creation all together. Everyone did a fabulous job on presenting their own creation too. What a fun project this was; maybe we will be able to see these type of fruit soon in the grocery stores!

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