Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cloud Study

What is cloud? How are they form? Why are there so many different types?

For children to understand what cloud is, they ought to understand what the water cycle is. (evaporation, condensation, precipitation, collection)
After learning about the facts, they understand what cloud is, and different types of clouds form in different height and temperature.

Here we have a collection of children's art works on cumulus, stratus, cirrus, nimbus, and more clouds.

After trying out all types of clouds using different types of brushes to get the same texture that each cloud type has, we make our own cloud detector!

They have labeled all the clouds they studied and decorated the cloud detector. They will look through the detector to see what type of cloud that is formed in the sky everyday, and they will not look at the sky the same way before!!

I will post more pictures of children's final products!

Dragon Fly and Yarn Painted Tree

Did you know that dragonflies are some of the first winged insect to evolve, some 300 million years ago? 

I remember I used to catch dragonflies to observe how they look like when I was little. But had I known better, I would have done it a little differently. Dragonflies only eat prey they catch while flying. If their wings are hurt, they can't fly, and so they will starve. 

I love dragonflies-among many reasons-because they control on mosquitoes' population! A single dragonfly can eat 30 to hundreds per day!

Here are some beautiful examples of dragonflies with yarn painted trees. The yarn painting was first introduced by the Huichol people of Mexico, and I learned this from an art blog, that artist woman. It's exciting to see everyone's dragonfly, yarn painted tree, and the background are all different. Awesome job, everyone!

Jei (6yrs)

Brandon (7yrs)

Leah (7yrs)

Leah (7yrs)

Sarah (6yrs)

Hailey (6yrs)

Jei (6yrs)

Emily (6yrs)

Brandon (10 yrs)

Jonathan (6yrs)

Jonathan (6yrs)