Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elements in Art

What are the elements of art?
The answer likely depends on the type of art, but generally the most common elements are: space, form, line, color, shape, texture, value and so on.
There are principals of elements of art that I wanted to teach my students, so Katherine's going to utilize many different mediums to show through this project!

First, we talk about ideas keeping in mind the subject matter, the size of the art work, and the type of mediums that we like to incorporate.
Second, we narrow down the idea with the possibilities and limitations.
And finally, we start working using references from the computer images, books, and of course with our creativity!

Katherine decided to gather parts of Bird's body and put those pieces together like a puzzle on a big, heavy board.

These are going to be the elements for the whole picture, and this idea will be paralleled with the elements (line, texture, color, value, and etc.) used to construct different type of art. 

This is what Katherine came up with. It will be very interesting, and I'm excited!

For this piece, she used water color on water color paper. The colors are beautiful!

Katherine wanted to try coffee or tea for the feathers. This is coffee grind diluted with water; it gives natural hues and tonality, and it smells great!

For this particular piece, Katherine wanted to create some sort of depth so it gives the texture she had in mind. So we are using tissue papers and glue to make the parts raised up.

That's how far we got...

 Happy New Year, everyone!

...We're back to work!

Katherine has two more pieces to complete, and we cannot wait 'till putting it all together.

We have a general idea of how the whole's going to look like now! Katherine is not completed with the elements, but when all the elements are put together, this is how it's going to look like.
Of course, there are a lot of things to do to make the whole as a whole...right now it's just many elements in one board...a beautiful challenge awaits....

See you next week!

All the details that Katherine is adding, trying to put all the beautiful elements in unity is coming together now...she's definitely working very hard on it, and we may have a final work next week!

Katherine has completed her work, and it's beautiful! I am pleased with her final work, but most of all, her work ethic, her motivation, and her willingness  which made it all possible. Great job!