Monday, October 3, 2011

Grave Danger: Enter Tilted Halo

So, here we are with the third scene on the book making project. Leo and Justin are becoming more attentive to details, more elaborate on expressing what's going on in the story. They are mixing many mediums to depict the best scenes in the big picture. They are going to use acrylic painting to create the next scene. Zoom into see all the details!

This is a better look for all the details that Justin and Leo put lots of hours and efforts in. They drew with pencils extending 8x12 papers horizontally, and vertically. They defined the designs and tones with different types of markers, and then used prisma color pencils.  The story continues....

After the Battle
A gloomy scene of ruins

Leo specifically used only black and white hues to capture the atmosphere more effectively.
Great job on putting the bird where it is, and enabling us to see it from the bird's eye view, Leo!


  1. Fabulous detail and an intriguing map indeed!

  2. Thank you! The students utilized eight 8x12 papres to create this big scene, and they are working very hard with this on-going project. Your kind words will be a great encouragement for the kids!