Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Copy Cat Portraits

by Hannah

This study was inspired by another art blog that artist woman.
It's great for tonality, color, and symmetry studies. You'll need an image that's frontal, a paper that's suitable for the medium that you'll use to color. I usually draw or paint with students to show, or find new things to teach. We all used watercolor on watercolor paper, and found images on google image search.

by Katherine (15)

Katherine first studied the details on design and pattern finding the right placement.

by Katherine (15)

Second, she used watercolor to paint but this time, she wanted to challenge herself with water reflection.

   by Min (10)

Min had a fun time trying to make it perfectly symmetrical and matching colors.

by Leo (10)

Everyone liked the background and the eye of Leo's work. 

by Leah (6)

Not only she wants to depict the image the best she could, but she adds colors on the background because she says "It looks better".

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