Friday, December 30, 2011

Leah's Flower Study

This series of drawings are done by six years old, Leah. (Check out Leah's portrait study as well!)
First, she uses a pencil to draw the object very carefully observing the contour lines of the object.

Contour Drawing

 We liked the outcome so much, and we saw lots of potential to explore this study further.

Color Pencil Drawing

 We decided to make a few copies of Leah's original drawing and colored with color pencils...

Marker Drawing

...defined the lines with brush-tipped marker and colored with three toned-down colors...

Variation Drawing

...and, she even changed the designs to create a little variation in the series of study!


This is the object flower Leah studied.

Leah's Flower Study

These flowers are Leah's creation.

So, next time you see a beautiful drawing of your children, don't just end there...try these!

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