Friday, November 4, 2011

Color Pencil Drawing

Still Life Objects

Here are the still life objects that Katherine will be drawing with color pencils ... 

Katherine's first class drawing

... and here is Katherine's drawing.  She's not finished, but I think it's a great start!  Really nice emphasis on details--looks better than the real thing!

Hannah's example objects

I was inspired to try a simpler still life myself ...

Hannah's first example drawing

... and here is how far I got!

Materials used

Here are the color pencils that we are using.  The brand is Prisma Color Pencils.  I like this brand because the lead is soft, which allows pigments to absorb onto the paper more effectively.

We are excited about starting our new study on color pencil drawing!
This time, instead of including all the objects that are set up, we are going to focus on one specific area that we found most interesting. Katherine chose to use white paper to draw on, so I chose black paper to show different effects and feelings that we'll get by using different tonality underneath.

I'll keep posting the progress, so come back soon!

Katherine's second class drawing
...Katherine's back with the adorable bear. And, the tassels are coming alive!

Hannah's second example drawing
I made a little progress too...

Katherine (15)

Katherine completed her color pencil drawing. It is so beautiful.
I like the selection of the objects that Katherine made, the composition is bold and inviting, and the colors are beautifully rendered. We are moving on to another exciting mixed media work next time!